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I'm so excited to introduce you to my workshop portal, where I'll be listing all my online and in-person events.

No matter which type of event you attend, you'll always have access to the workshop replays right here!

It's been a dream of mine to have a dedicated spot for all my workshops, but also a place to fill your creative cup. Each event is more than just learning a new design, but also a community where you can refuel with other creative and crafty entrepreneurs just like yourself.

Available Workshops

Mels Pricing Method 2023


The number ONE question everyone asks (after "How many inches is the ribbon?") is "How much would you sell that for?"

We are going to cover all the ways I could possibly answer this question in this class!!!

Easy for any level to follow along and fully understand how (and WHY) to price an item when this class is over!

Have you been thinking about ways to increase the profits in your business?

Not sure if how you are pricing your items is the "correct way"?

Afraid you are leaving money on the table?

Feel like you are "not qualified" to charge what you SHOULD be charging?

Want to know how I personally price my items for PROFIT?

Interested in knowing how to perfectly price your Wreath for any situation ( Craft Show, Boutique, Etsy or even Friends and Family)?

Interested in learning how I price my Wreath Kits, a multiple wreath design or maybe even a wreath class???

OR if you have ever said "Wreaths don't sell for that much in my area!".... I'm here to tell you... there's options!!

If You have taken one of my personal classes before, you know I talk REAL TALK! I'm not hiding what "I really do"... I'm telling you WHY I do what I "really do" and all the reasons behind it for you to make educated decisions for YOUR own business. 

Years of experience led me to how I price my items... PLEASE don't let pricing your products keep you in a slump!!! I can help!


Monday, February 27th from 7:30pm - 9:30pm EST Day 1 ($200 Value)

Tuesday, February 28th from 7:30pm - 9:30pm EST Day 2 ($200 Value)

BONUS: Wednesday, March 1st, from 7:30pm - 9:30pm EST will be our Q&A session ($200 Value)


My 1:1 sessions are normally $100 per hour... We'll be spending several hours together for a one time price of $25.00!!!

I've been in business for nearly 6 years and I have perfected my pricing methods to maximize  SUPPLIES & PROFITS... AND... I want to teach you my reasons, methods and calculations! 

    How to Be a Boutique Vendor

    Looking for more ways to sell your wreaths and home décor items??

    Learn how to be a successful boutique vendor with this online course.

    • Virtual replay - Review of How to be a Boutique Vendor eBook $400 Value
    • Virtual replay - Q&A $150 Value
    • Virtual replay - Interview with my boutique owner and a Q&A session! $150 Value

    Oh My Garlands

    Oh my Garlands, Oh my Garlands... Oh my Garrrrrrlands IT's TIME!!!

    Y'all TOTALLY LOVED the last Garland class so it's time to bring back another lesson with different seasons!!

    Fall Garland (Replay)  

    BONUS: Patriotic Garland (Recorded tutorial)

    BONUS: Christmas Garland (Recorded tutorial, to be uploaded on or before 7/1/22)

    BONUS: 2 Bow Making Tutorials (Recorded tutorial, to be uploaded on or before 7/1/2022)

    BONUS: REPLAY Review of Pricing sheet, Marketing ideas, Storage ideas.

    We totally have it covered during our two day VIRTUAL class!

    Learn how to create beautiful garlands with our step by step process during this online course.

      Craft Shows and Classes 2022

      Hey WREATH MAKERS!!!! 

      Have you been thinking about ways to add revenue streams to your business??

      Tammy and Melissa have been in business for a combined 14 years and have perfected the art of hosting In Person Wreath making classes and being a Vendor at Craft Shows!!!

      They have been hosting wreath making classes and selling at craft shows for YEARS!!! They have perfected their craft and pinched all the pennies to make sure their events are FUN, streamlined as much as possible and most importantly.... PROFITABLE!!!

      YESSSSS..... BOTH of these events can bring in a profitable revenue stream!!!! 

      I bet your next thought is how much of a PROFIT you can make by adding these revenue streams to your portfolio  (don’t be shy, we are in business to make a profit... naturally PROFITS should be on your mind)!!

      THINK NO MORE.... Tammy and Melissa will be teaching all their experience and knowledge pertaining to Craft Shows and In Person Wreath Making Classes!!!!

      Garlands with Mel

      Hey MAKERS!!!!

      I hear you... loud and clear!! Every time I've posted one of these GORGOUS garlands you always ask where you can find the video....

      This time I have the BEST answer.... WE have a GARLAND CLASS for that!!!

      That's right... Coach Mel from Sincerely Creative MOM is teaching a class all about GALRANDS!!!

      Learn how to create TWO beautiful garlands with our step by step process during this online course.

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