Garlands with Mel

Hey MAKERS!!!!

I hear you... loud and clear!! Every time I've posted one of these GORGEOUS garlands you always ask where you can find the video....

This time I have the BEST answer.... WE have a GARLAND CLASS for that!!!

That's right... Coach Melissa from Sincerely Creative MOM taught a class all about GARLANDS!!!

Learn how to create TWO beautiful garlands with our step by step process during this online course.

Have you considered adding garlands to your design portfolio??

Or even just making a garland for your own front door.... maybe even your fireplace, an entry table or an interior hallway?? OR maybe even just to decorate your booth at a Craft Show!!!!

I bet before you even started the garland you'd overwhelmed with more questions... Like... ALL the things!

How many Bows, Do you add extra ribbon, how about adding picks, Hot glue? Hanging? Pricing? Storing?.... and who to sell these garlands too once your masterpiece is compete!!

I know this is what you are thinking because I've answered these questions probably hundreds of times through the years!

So... we are going to ANSWER all of these things during this VIRTUAL class!!

That's right.... ME, YOU and GARLANDSSSSSS

This class is packed with hours of valuable design TRAININGS!!!

NOTE** All videos are available on REPLAY! 

In this workshop you'll learn:

  • How to make a Christmas garland for over the front door (replays, FOUR HOURS of Creative Training) $350 Value
  • BONUS: How to make a Christmas Mantle Garland tutorial (Recorded tutorial) $200 Value
  • BONUS: Recorded tutorial for the BOWS that were added to the Garland (Recorded tutorial) $100 Value
  • BONUS: Access to the videos via Facebook & website (replays available)

**Please keep in mind this is a paid class, content, methods, tricks and hacks learned in this class are property of Sincerely Creative Mom and may not be shared outside this class. Doing so will result in (but not limited too) being removed from the class and banned from Sincerely Creative Mom. Please do not share this content.

After your purchase you will have immediate access to the video links on the website. You will be emailed your user name and password for the website:  If you need assistance, please text us at 810-498-2310, we will respond during normal work hours (EST).

PS if you have previously taken a Sincerely Creative Mom class, please don't forget your coupon code as refunds will not be processed. Check your respective Facebook group for the code.

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I'm incredibly excited to bring you what everyone has been asking for....

Christmas Door Garland

Below you will find the links and passwords to watch the Christmas Door Garland take shape, from nothing to SPECTACULAR!!!

Christmas Mantle Garland

See below for the links to view the Christmas Mantle Garland!


Below are the video links to the Q&A session! LOTS of valuable information in this video.

Favorite Suppliers

Below are a few of my favorite suppliers. These are the companies I trust and purchase most from when I'm looking for quality Ribbon, Mesh, Florals, Greenery and Signs.

Text ME

The BEST way for us to keep in touch is by texting me! 


Creative Coaching

Learn more about the Creative Coaching group I am a part of and a special offer to join... see below!

Pricing sheets

Below you will find pricing sheets to use for your own garlands. 

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