Gingerbread Garland Tutorial

Oh my Garland, Oh my Garland... Oh my Garland IT's Gingerbread TIME!!!

Now is the PERFECT time to learn how to make incredibly amazing Garlands!!!!

Y'all TOTALLY LOVED the other Garland classes and the Tree decorating class... so it's time to bring back another lesson that will apply to ALL the seasons!! Garland making!!!

ALL content is IMMEDIATELY available right here on the website, all in one spot and easy to view!

With this easy to follow and easy to assemble method... you'll be making beautiful garlands in no time!

We totally have it covered and the video links (ONE garland, 3 easy videos to consume) are immediately available on the website!!!

Learn how to create beautiful garlands with our step by step process.

Looking for a WOW factor... A SHOWSTOPPER design... Something to put your business OVER THE TOP... Something to showcase as a "LOOK WHAT I CAN DO" design???

shhhh.... the secret is... they are WAY easier than they look!!

Especially with my very detailed, step by step teaching style!!!

Beginners are totally welcome! All design levels are encouraged!!

ALL my secrets on how to create AMAZING garlands… for a mantel or your front door... from my brain to your ears, it’s coming your way during THIS class!

Learn how to make garlands with this online course.

Don't wait, Let's brush up your garland making skills before the holidays... Let's work to have your home looking like the BEST of all there is!!!

After your purchase you will have immediate access to the video links on the website. You will be emailed your user name and password for the website:  If you need assistance, please text us at 810-498-2310, we will respond during normal work hours (EST).

PS if you have previously taken a Sincerely Creative Mom class, please don't forget your coupon code as refunds will not be processed. Check your respective Facebook group for the code. *if you have different coupon codes please check to see which one is the higher discount BEFORE you purchase.

**If you forget a coupon code or use the wrong one (lower value), refunds or adjustments will not be processed.

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I'm incredibly excited to bring you what everyone has been asking for.... a Garland tutorial!

Garland Tutorial Links

Below you will find the links to watch the Garland take shape, from nothing to SPECTACULAR!!!

This tutorial was originally recorded for the 2022 Cup of Cheer event, as it was created and on display for this event and auctioned off for over $3,500.00 at the end of the event! (it was as cool as it sounds!!).. I only mention this because it’s possible I may have mentioned this event during the videos.

For your convenience, this tutorial is in 3 parts… these easy to consume smaller tutorials vs one loooooong video will allow you to easily go back to rewatch segments when necessary.

**Please keep in mind this is a paid class, content, methods, tricks and hacks learned in this class are property of Sincerely Creative Mom and may not be shared outside this class. Doing so will result in (but not limited too) being removed from the class and banned from Sincerely Creative Mom. Please do not share this content. *This is a virtual and digital product, no refunds will be permitted.

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