How to Be a Boutique Vendor Workshop

If you are like I was a few years ago, you have several wreaths hanging around that haven't sold... and have no idea how to sell them!

Are you intimidated by shipping or selling online?

Are you intimidated by the fees to sell your masterpieces online?

Are looking for more ways to sell your wreaths and home décor items but not sure where to start??

Did you know there is another way to sell YOUR Beautiful handmade wreaths IN ADDITION to selling to friends & family, on Etsy, at craft shows/local markets and hosting classes?? I know, that's a ton of ways but there is one more SUPER convenient place...

Have you ever noticed those cute little shops in town that sell the cutest handmade items? Yes, that one… it’s likely to be a boutique!!!

I’ve had an INCREDIBLE success selling at a local boutique in my local area for the last FOUR years and I’m teaching you ALL the detailed information to be successful as well in my How to Be a Successful Boutique Vendor Workshop!

How to Be a Successful Boutique Vendor Workshop

I've been in 3 different boutiques and have remained in one of those boutiques for nearly 4 years!

I've learned TONS of things to be successful...

I've experienced all the things and gained loads of knowledge over the years....

AND I'm teaching ALL my secrets on how to be a successful vendor at a boutique… from my brain to your ears, it’s coming your way during this class!

In this workshop you'll learn:

  • How to find a boutique
  • What to look for in a boutique
  • How to approach the owner to “sell your items” in their shop
  • Commissions and rent fees
  • Pricing your items when selling in a boutique, including what to weigh in on and setting goals/ expectations
  • ALL the possible benefits of being a vendor at a boutique
  • How to set up inside a boutique (and things to ask before you sign on the dotted line)
  • What to look for/ask during contract time
  • We’ll talk a about the differences between selling in a boutique vs selling on Etsy
  • AND I’m even interviewing the owner of the boutique where I’m a vendor… LIVE for everyone to ask questions!

BONUS: this class will come with the full eBook version for you to read through at your own convenience!

How does the boutique vendor workshop work?

This will be a TWO day ALL VIRTUAL class hosted on Facebook in a private group! ALL the content will be available online for replay after the class is over.

The Facebook group, along with access to all the recordings on my website will be available for at least a year for you to watch the replays at your convenience.

  • February 27th at 7pm EST will be our first session… learning all the things!
  • February 28th at 7pm EST will be out LIVE interview with my boutique owner and a Q & A session!

Ready to learn how to market and sell your beautiful handmade designs another way from someone who has succeeded in this avenue for FOUR years??


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