Craft Shows and Classes 2022

Who: Tammy Hodges from Polka Dot Wreath Co. and Melissa from Sincerely Creative Mom

What: A class to teach creatives how to be successful and PROFITABLE when they host a wreath class or attend a craft show as a vendor!

Where: Virtual!!! This class is all online and available for replay if you can't attend during the LIVE class!

ALL the replays for this class are available on Facebook

Why: We know how it feels to want to attend a craft show or host your own wreath making class but have no idea where to start... because we have been there!

We want to take our experience and make it easier for y'all to venture into another revenue stream!


How to find the right Craft Show for you!

How to get people in the door at a Craft Show!

How to set up a Craft Show Booth that sells your product!

How to accept Credit/Debit cards in person!

What to sell in your Craft Show booth other than wreaths!

How to prepare for Craft Shows & Wreath Making Classes!

How much product you should take with you to these events!

How to brand yourself & your company when you are in person!

How to gain social media followers while hosting classes/selling at craft shows!

How to Price your wreath making class for profit!

How to transport your product for Shows or Classes!

How to promote your events!

What to take with you!

How to keep your wreath making students coming back for MORE!!

How to keep your wreath buying customers coming back to the same craft show every year because they know YOU will be there!!! 

Here's what your $49.00 ticket includes:

LIVE session all about Craft Shows ($250 Value)

LIVE session all about How to Host Craft Shows ($250 Value)

BONUS *  Q&A  (Q&A's are always our favorite part as it's a chance to ask questions that pertain to the class AND may relate to your own personal business) ($150.00 Value)

BONUS * How to Host a Profitable Wreath Making Class EBOOK (this will be an updated version) ($37.00 Value)

BONUS * Profitable Craft Shows EBOOK  ($34.99 Value)

BONUS * Fly on the wall video of Melissa hosting a class in her hometown (this will be recorded at the time of the in person class and uploaded to the website for viewing) ($150.00 Value)

BONUS * How to set up for a Craft Show ($100 Value)

BONUS * Wreath Class Pricing worksheet for you to use in your business!! ($10 Value)

BONUS * Quick Loss Leader tutorial ($10 Value)

ALL this information is wrapped up in a virtual class for $49.00!

Learn the evolution of their craft show/ in person wreath making class journey.... learn how they started, what they do differently now and how to be profitable either way!

We are not holding anything back.... WE want you to know all the ways your business can be PROFITABLE and WIN!!

Have you considered joining a craft show or hosting an in person class but have no idea where to start???

Not sure where to host an in person class??

No idea how to collect money for your class??

Not sure what to bring to a craft show??

Did you know that when you are a vendor at a Craft Show you should totally be advertising where you will be an when??

Did you know that the way your Craft Show booth looks could either bring people in or keep them away??

If you don't have the answers to all of these questions, THIS class will guide you!

We would LOVE for you to join this one time class & learn all you can!!!

***If you were a part of the Craft Shows and Classes 2021 class - a coupon code is posted in the original Craft Shows and Classes Facebook group. IF you purchase this class and forget to enter the code a refund will NOT be issued.***

6 Topics

Live Training & Schedule of Events

WE are incredibly excited to bring you what everyone has been asking for....


The number one thing is being able to connect with you quickly if there is a change in plans, if we have something important to tell you or even if you have a question.

See below for your special word to use to get into our text system for this Livestream event.

Craft Show Content

Everything related to craft shows for this class will have instructions below on how to retrieve the information.

Hosting a Wreath Making class Content

Everything related to hosting a wreath making class, will have instructions below on how to retrieve the information.


Below you will find links to the ebooks that will be included in this class.

Fly on the wall, Replay of recorded class hosted by Melissa

See below for video links to watch a live class Melissa hosted in her hometown. Watch how she introduces herself, welcomes the class, assists with wreath construction, how she explains the demonstration, how she is prepared, what she gives away for prizes and how she keeps folks coming back for the next class!

Topics for this workshop 6
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